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It’s freezing here in New York City. Football, hoops and hockey are dominating
SportsCenter and I’m pretty sure the Olympic torch is making its way towards Vancouver.

But for those of us who play, coach, follow and love baseball or softball, the turn of the year means that opening day is just around the corner.

I haven’t played competitively for almost a decade but this year each pre-season day is once again filled with hard work, excitement, anxiety and hope.

(No, I’m not getting the arm back in shape. And yes, I am getting married in a couple weeks… but that’s a different kind of excitement.)

Twelve months ago Kiril Savino and I founded a software company called Fungo Media, Inc. and started building GameChanger, an iPhone and internet product targeted at the amateur sports market. GameChanger has just entered a public beta (after 6 months of private testing) and we’re preparing for a full rollout for this Spring 2010 baseball / softball season.


GameChanger provides mobile apps and web tools that collect, manage and distribute live streaming game data for youth, high school and college sports.

Beginning with baseball and softball, the GameChanger iPhone app lets coaches and scorekeepers simultaneously score a game and generate dozens of stats in real-time, eliminating tedious post-game calculations.

As each play is scored, the GameChanger online tools deliver a live play-by-play “GameStream” to the web browsers and mobile phones of parents and fans — or to real-time scoreboard “widgets” hosted on the websites of local news outlets, leagues, tournaments, travel teams and schools.

Our goal is to make scorekeeping simple enough for a novice to perform flawlessly — but to generate sophisticated data that is valuable to college and professional coaches.

Here’s a one-minute video of GameChanger in action…

Team & Missions

Kiril and I have designed and developed GameChanger with the help of a few other developers, most significantly, Calvin Kuo. Learn more about our team here.

We’ve all been working our tails off this off-season in hopes of accomplishing three missions with GameChanger:

1. Enhance the amateur sports experience for coaches and scorekeepers.
2. Connect families and local communities to their favorite young athletes.
3. Create a new category of local sports media.

How You Can Join or Help

If you are a coach, scorekeeper or fan who wants to use GameChanger, click here to learn more or set up your team.

If you aren’t involved directly with youth, high school or college baseball or softball but know someone who is, please point him/her towards this blog post or to the GameChanger website:

Follow Our Progress

We will use this blog to update you on our progress and our challenges developing and marketing this product. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter or send your feedback and ideas via email.

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