Our Partnership with Perfect Game USA

New Scouting Features & 10,000 Tournament Games

By Ted Sullivan (@tedsullivan29)

When we founded GameChanger we thought that our product could have huge potential in amateur scouting.

Prince FielderLike scorekeeping and stat management, scouting of high school baseball and softball players is an incredibly inefficient process in which player evaluation data is typically logged with paper and pencil. Every year thousands of coaches and scouts do their best to assess tens of thousands of great players around the world. However the lack of efficient access to trusted data, combined with limited time and resources results in countless missed opportunities for college programs, MLB organizations and most importantly, the players themselves. 

Despite the temptation to attack this opportunity on day one, we knew that if we wanted to truly revolutionize amateur scouting we must first:

  1. create a respected scorekeeping and stat management product; and
  2. find a trusted partner with years of experience in this market. 

Two years later, while we continue to improve our core product, we are excited to have found the ideal partner: Perfect Game USA

Perfect Game produces the highest national level player showcases and team tournaments in the United States. These events are invaluable to the college coaching community and Major League Baseball as they can scout a large population of talented ball players all in one location.


GameChanger and Perfect Game will collaborate in two ways:  

New Features for Collecting Scouting Data. Perfect Game and GameChanger will co-design enhancements to the GameChanger Scorekeeper App that will allow scorekeepers to collect tremendous amounts of scouting data during the game. 

Live scoring of tournament games. Perfect Game scorekeepers will use the GameChanger app at over 10,000 tournament and showcase games this year, streaming live scores, stats and play-by-play to web browsers and mobile devices around the world. 

By combining forces with Perfect Game, we’re helping make the scouting process more efficient and in doing so, will deliver live tournament game updates to fans and families, and provide more opportunities to young players at the highest level of the amateur game.

Perfect Game Hittin’ The Road Tour

Perfect Game tournaments start Memorial Day Weekend and run through the Fall. But beginning this week, Perfect Game’s Ben Collman and Todd Gold begin their eleven day Hittin’ the Road Tour with scouting blog and Twitter updates about some of the best high school teams and players in the country. To kick off the partnership with GameChanger, Ben and Todd will be scoring the games live and streaming stats and play-by-play. Follow every pitch of their Tour for free

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