The Live GameStream Experience

Our updated GameStream brings Premium Fan Subscribers closer to the game than ever.

The GameStream is the answer to’s Gameday. Except the MLB doesn’t bring you live plays and scores from your favorite youth, high school, and college teams.

The GameStream is all the live game content that streams from your favorite team to your phone, tablet, or computer.¬†Pitch-by-pitch updates will ensure that you’ll never miss a game again, even if you’re not at the field. With Field View, you’ll know who is playing even if you’re team isn’t at bat. And the Game Stats add even more detail to give you a full picture of what is happening.

The GameStream is available to anyone who has a Premium Fan Subscription. You can follow the GameStream on the GameChanger website, or from the GameChanger app on Apple iOS devices.

Check out this video to see the GameStream in action:

Premium Fan Subscribers also have access to:

  • Email and SMS alerts – Even if you can’t watch the entire game, we’ll send you an alert for any play your favorite player is involved in.
  • Season stats – Track the progress of every player on the team. Developmental stats, such as QAB and FPS%, highlight areas to work on.
  • Recap stories – Every game has a story. With the help of Narrative Science, we instantly write a recap story for every completed game.

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  • Jolene Kelm

    I am a premium subscriber and I am frustrated because the game at Round Rock went down in the 3rd inning, and now the Memorial/Kingwood game has not been updated for some 20 min….having gone down in the bottom of the 5th. What’s happening?

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