Now Live: Basketball Stats

You keep score, we’ll do the math.

GameChanger Basketball is improving with every passing day. We’ve added Season and Game Stats for basketball teams, so you don’t need to break out the calculator after every game. We’re pretty excited too.

Game Stats are available in the GameStream. The mini-stats section is still there next to the Live Viewer, but now there is an additional “Stats” tab at the top of the page with shooting percentages and advanced shooting stats. And of course, everything will update in real-time as the game is scored live.


Season Stats are located on team pages. We’ll automatically calculate your Season Stats, adding in games as they are finalized. All the basics are there: shooting percentages broken down by shot type, fouls, points. But we’ve also included two Advanced stats: True Shooting Percentage (TS%) and Effective Field Goal Percentage (eFG%).


What are these stats? We’ll talk more about the benefits of these stats in another post, but basically eFG% takes into account the extra-point that a three is worth, while TS% takes into account both threes and free throw percentage.


Effective Field Goal %: (FG + (.5 x 3P))/ FGA

True Shooting %: PTS / (2 x (FGA + (.44 x FTA)))

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