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  • jb cats

    Why would I give you my credit card if I only want to see a trial demo.

    • Hi JB – If you’re signing up for a demo, or a free trial, then you don’t need to put in your credit card information anywhere. The only time you’d be asked for your credit card info is if you’re signing up for Premium Fan Access.

  • Paul Swenson

    I signed up for gamechanger as a fan. I cannot get the play by play, only a boxscore, count for the batter, graphic of the field with players names and numbers, some stats, but no explanation of what’s going on, ie- did the batter walk, get HBP, how out was made etc. Do i need to buy premium upgrade to get the play by play stuff?

    • Hi Paul- Yes, while free fans get game live/over alerts, live scores, and game summary stats, you do need to upgrade to Premium Fan Access for stats, play-by-play, and recap stories. You can find more information here:


  • Craig

    Can you add feature that allows for California overtime rule in slow pitch? You only get three batters for that inning.

    • Jeff Kamrath


      Due to the different extra inning rules for all different age groups, etc., we simply allow you do what you want in any manner you want:
      – Add runners to any base
      – Jump to any batter in the order
      – End the inning before 3 outs are mad
      – Many more

      In your case, you would score your 3 batters the go to:
      1. Menu
      2. End Half Inning
      3. The app will jump to the next 1/2 inning

      Here is the International Tie Break help article:

      I know this isn’t exactly the same set of circumstances, but you’ll see the app has flexibility.

  • Jim Williams

    What happened???

  • Scott Currier

    I have put in my opponents roster in the system, but when I look I the game summary, the page doesn’t generate the roster for the opponent.

    • Jeff Kamrath


      Please contact our support team to investigate the issue:

      They can help as this is not a support forum.


  • Jim Healer

    Had a runner-hit-by-ball-in-play situation tonight. Bases were loaded, batter hit grounder toward SS, runner on 2nd got nailed by the ball resulting in him being called out. Ball was declared dead, runner on 3rd had to go back to third, runner on first advanced to second, and batter was safe at first. There was no way for me to reflect that play in the app. Please fix that. Good thing I wasn’t the official score keeper for tonight’s game.

    • Mikerrr

      Had a similar situation at a softball tournament this weekend except the call was “interference” against the runner. Ump said the runner interfered with SS attempt to field ground ball so runner was called out. Only thing I could think of was to score it as a tag-out by the SS. Which is wrong. . . but I had to score the out to keep going.

      • Jeff Kamrath


        Responded to this above.

    • Jeff Kamrath

      Sorry for the delay responding.

      The official ruling per MLB rules 5.09(f), 7.08(f), 10.05 (a)(1) state the the batter gets first base credited as a single and the runner hit by the batted ball is ruled out. No other runners are allowed to advance, unless forced to by the batter reaching first base.

      In GameChanger, this would be scored:
      1. Ball in Play
      2. Ground Ball or Hard Ground Ball
      3. Single (move the closest fielder to where the ball was touched by runner)
      4. The runner that was hit will initially appear as safe at the next base.
      5. Move that runner to the RED area over his base
      6. Select “Out on Last Play”
      7. The closest fielder is selected as he/she gets credit for the putout

      Hope this helps!

  • Heather

    I purchased the premium upgrade for game changer through the iTunes store and now I can’t get my phone to link it to my account. I am signed in to my account and they tell me in the app to click on the blue wheel and a drop down menu will give me the option of linking it. Not happening. I do not have a blue wheel it’s white and it only gives me the options of my teams, logout or cancel. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Heather – Can you contact our Support Staff (help@gamechanger:disqus .io) for assistance? They can definitely help you out. They’ll need your email and itunes receipt. Thanks!

  • Mikerrr

    I accidentally entered an opponent twice. I only entered a roster for one, but now I have the other empty opponent still lingering in my list of opponents. How do I delete the extra one?

  • Mikerrr

    Why can’t I send a message to fans after a game is finalized? For example, at a tournament this weekend, a team forfeited to us. There’s no way (that I’ve found) to score a W by forfeit, so I just forced a 6-0 final score for that game and ended the game. Some people might guess that it was a forfeit but there should be a way to let fans know that’s what happened. How can I do that?

  • Mikerrr

    If all the data is synched to the website, why can’t I watch the game replay on my PC like I can watch it on the iPod used to score the game? Or, if I can do that, how do I do it?

    • Jeff Kamrath


      This limitation is due to the limits of web technology. While not impossible to build, it is extremely difficult. Furthermore, the web browsers don’t support the animations of pitches, spray charts, etc., so a Replay on the web wouldn’t be as helpful.

      The iOS platform is superb for doing these types of animations and is much less difficult to build.

      We hope to have more interactive web features soon, but the web and app are built on different platforms and will likely never match each feature exactly.

      • Mikerrr

        Ah. I see. Thanks for the explanation.

  • Mikerrr

    Is there some sane way to move pitches to a different pitcher once the pitches are scored? I mean without having to Undo 8-10 pitches, change out pitchers, and then attempt to re-enter those pitches without missing the next 8-10 pitches that have been thrown while doing all this? For example, the other team switches pitchers at the top of an inning but I don’t notice until 2 batters have batted. . . It happens.

  • Mikerrr

    One of the most difficult things I’ve had to deal with is entering a new opponent and roster/line-up on the fly at tournaments. GC does not deal with this very well at all. At a travel tournament, you don’t know who you’re playing often until the last minute. Sometimes you get a line-up from the other team and it’s totally jacked up (like this weekend when the opposing team gave me a line-up with nothing but names on it – but the kids’ jersey’s had only numbers. . . ). I can put in placeholders, but the “Player A” default is confusing and actually makes it harder. It seems like the players somehow are always facing the wrong way to see their #s/names. How do others deal with this issue?

    • Jeff Kamrath


      Putting rosters/lineups in last minute is indeed a challenge.

      Note that our Placeholders are meant to be edited during the game. You can change “Player A” to “Mike Smith #9 LF” during the game.

      1. Add Placeholders
      2. Tap on “Player A”
      3. Select the name for “Player A”
      4. Edit the name and number
      5. Save changes
      6. These edits save for future games

      If you need to sub in a new player who is not created yet:
      1. Go to your Lineup tab
      2. Select player subbing out
      3. Tab “Sub Out”
      4. Select option to “Create New Player”
      5. Enter player detail
      6. Select the new player

      • Mikerrr

        Thanks, Jeff. I got much better at this over the summer! Practice makes perfect.

  • Ben Taylor

    I manage a Co Ed softball team and i am trying to figure out the best way to enter an intentional walk for a woman who walks because the man in front of her did. In this case the RBI(s) would go to the guy who walked and currently i havent found a good way to track this without having to manually edit the stats for the game later. Any suggestions or plans to add a way to handle this?

  • MLL

    Can you add a feature so that I can email out all stats for a particular game or season? It would be very helpful for a coach to have a hard copy of all player stats and spray charts for baseball and basketball apps.

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