Calendar Integrations, Pitch Smart Guidelines, and Win Probability Graph

We’ve been hard at work this fall. Here’s a quick look at what’s new for coaches, scorekeepers, parents, and players.

Sync your team calendar with your personal calendar.

You’ve asked for it and now we’ve built it– an easy way to integrate your GC schedule with your personal calendar! Coaches and fans alike can now sync anything they want from the GC schedule (practices, games or both) with their personal calendars. Finally everything can truly be in one place! Never miss a scheduling update or confuse calendars again.

How to set up your calendar integration.

Access Pitch Smart Guidelines from the app.

In an effort to help coaches, parents, and players protect young athletes, we’ve made PitchSmart Guidelines more accessible.

Coaches and scorekeepers can now review the guidelines while setting up Pitch Count Alerts or while reviewing pitching stats after the game. By making this valuable information easy to access, we hope coaches, parents and fans will be more informed and thus more equipped to prevent overuse.

pitch smart guidelines

How to set Pitch Count Alerts and view Pitch Smart Guidelines.

Win Probability Graph

Visualize your biggest comebacks, pinpoint turning points in the game, and show your team how each play contributed to the win.  With the Win Probably Graph, which you find on your team’s game pages, you can tell the batter that drew a walk with a runner on first, he or she added 5% to the team’s chances of winning.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback.

Stay tuned. A lot more to come!


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