NEW: Catcher Stats Are Live!

We’ve added Catcher Stats to the list of 160+ baseball and softball stats tracked on GameChanger.  This has been a highly requested feature from coaches, parents, and players alike, and we’re happy to finally add them!

Not only will Catcher Stats be available for your upcoming games, they’re now available for every previously scored game, too.

How to access Catcher Stats:

  1. Log into your GameChanger account
  2. Click on the “Season Stats” tab
  3. Click “Fielding Stats” category
  4. Toggle to the “Catching” category

Catcher Stats

Here’s What We’re Tracking

Passed balls (PB)
A catcher is charged with a passed ball when he/she fails to have control over a legally pitched ball that, with ordinary effort, should have been kept under control and results in a batter or runner advancing a base. Passed ball metrics help show the defensive skills of a catcher behind the plate; the ability to dig balls out of the dirt and prevent runners from advancing.

Stolen Bases Allowed (SB)
Stolen bases allowed show how many runners have successfully stolen a base against a catcher.

Caught Stealing (CS)
The Caught Sealing stat show how many runners the catcher has thrown out when there was an attempt to steal a base.

Stolen Bases Allowed – Stealing Attempts (SB-ATT)
This metric shows the number of stolen bases allowed per stolen base attempts. Good catchers don’t allow many stolen bases. As a result, good catchers often have fewer opponents trying to run on them.

Caught Steeling % (CS%)
This metric shows how successful a catcher is at throwing out baserunners attempting to steal. The higher the percentage the better!

Pickoffs (PIK)
A catcher is credited with a pick-off for a throw behind a base runner, catching that runner off the bag and resulting in an out.

Catcher’s Interference (CI)
A catcher can be charged with catcher’s interference when the catcher makes contact with a batter during a pitch, hindering the batter’s ability to successfully hit a pitched ball. CI is the number of times that the umpire called catcher interference on a catcher.

Innings Caught (INN)

Additional Resources for Coaches

There’s a ton of great content on TheSeason to help improve catcher play. Here are a few recommended articles for Catchers:


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