NEW: Filter Stats by Date Range

We always try to build features that do two things:

  1. Save coaches time.
  2. Enhance player and team development.

We love it when a new feature can check both of these boxes.

We recently added Catcher Stats to the list of 160+ stats tracked by GameChanger. Now, we’re excited to roll out another highly requested feature.

Introducing: Stat Filters by Date Range

Stat Filters

During the season, player performance can vary a great deal. It’s critical to understand whether a player is just going through a hot or cold spell, or if something has fundamentally changed about their performance.

Stat filters make it easier for coaches to spot trends, monitor improvement, nip bad habits in the bud, and set measurable and actionable goals for both the player and the team.

Here’s a common scenario we hear from coaches:

“Every season season starts off the same. Some kids come out of the gates strong. Others get off to a slow start. The key is peaking at the right time.

As the season drags on, it becomes harder and harder to see meaningful gains in their season stats, so players become frustrated and abandon the process.”

With Stat Filtering by Date Range, coaches can filter their stats from the past 2 games or the past 20 games, which should make it easier for to see what direction their players are trending, statistically. And report back to their players.

We suggest selecting a handful of key stats for each player to focus on. For example, If you notice that your leadoff batter is seeing very few pitches per plate appearance, have him/her focus on a more patient approach. After a few games, filter the season stats since you instituted the new approach to see how they compare to the previous games.

Ideally, you’ll not only be able to see an increase in pitches seen per plate appearance, but also improvements in other key stats like OBP%, QAB%, and ultimately, winning percentage.

How it works:

  1. Log into your GameChanger account
  2. Click the “Season Stats” tab
  3. Select the date of the first game you would like to use in the date range (ex: Feb 21st vs. Columbus HS)
  4. Select the date of the last game you would like to use in the date range. (ex: March 1st vs. Mater Dei)

The stats will re-generate and only include stats captured within that date range.

Additional Resources for Coaches

There’s a ton of great content on TheSeason to help coaches use stats to improve their team. Here are a few recommended articles:

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