Season Stats Are Now Available in the App!

We’ve added several highly requested features in time for the 2016 Baseball and Softball season. Including, but not limited to:

  1. Catcher Stats
  2. Stat Filtering by Date
  3. XML Stat Export
  4. Pitch Smart Guidelines

The newest feature isn’t actually new at all. Instead, we’ve taken one of the must popular features on GameChanger team pages, and made it available in the app. That’s right! As of Version 6.4 of the GameChanger App, coaches and scorekeepers can finally access their team’s complete Season Stats from the app.

This helps coaches and scorekeepers in two ways,

1) You can now access your team’s season stats at critical moments in the game.

For example, it’s late in the game. You’re down 2. You have a runner on 1st and 3rd. One out. You can now access your team’s season stats to help you make the most informed decision possible. Maybe you’ll check Batting Average with Runner’s in Scoring Position stat (BA/RISP) or Stolen Base Percentage (SB %) or maybe Grounded into Double Plays (GIDP).

We hope that season stats in the app will better inform coaches when making in-game adjustments like these.

2) Immediately after the game, you can check team and player totals directly from your device.

Team Admins no longer need to wait until they get to a computer to see team level and player level stats for the entire season.


How to Access Season Stats in the App

The next time you open the app, you’ll notice a new icon on the menu bar. Tap the “Stats” icon (the one in the middle), and you can view 160+ cumulative Batting, Pitching, and Fielding stats.

We’ve added several filters within the stat categories as well.

Batting Stat filters include:

  • “Standard” Stats: Plate Appearances, At-Bats, Batting Average, etc
  • “Advanced” Stats: Quality at-bats, Hit into double play, Batting average with runners in scoring positions, etc

Pitching Stat filters include:

  • “Standard” Stats: Total pitches, Wins, Saves, Hits allowed, Strikeouts, ERA, etc.
  • “Advanced” Stats: First pitch strike percentage, Leadoff walks, pitches per batter faced.
  • “Breakdown” Stats (pitch type based stats): Curveballs thrown, Curveball strike percentage, Percentage of curveballs swung at, Percentage of curveballs swung and missed, etc.

Fielding Stat filters include:

  • “Standard” Stats: Assists, Putouts, Errors, Fielding percentage
  • “Catching” Stats: Innings caught, Stolen bases allowed, Runners caught stealing percentage.

If you have any feedback, let us know! Either leave a comment or email us at

Good luck this season!
– The GC Team

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