Improved App Onboarding and International Team Support

In Version 6.14 of the GameChanger app, we made improvements to the onboarding flows and team setup flows to help new users get started.

International Team Support

International Team Create

We’ve made two improvements to our team create process designed to help teams inside and outside of the United States.

  1. When you enter your US zip code, we’ll pre-populate your city and state.
  2. We now support international locations.

Prior to this update, every team was required to enter a 5 digit zip code, or “postal code”. Unfortunately, many countries don’t use 5-digit codes. Australia, for instance, uses 4-digit postal codes.

For this reason, we no longer require zip codes for international teams.  If your team isn’t based in the United States, you can now select your country from a pre populated drop down menu.  We hope this help the thousands of teams using GameChanger abroad, like our friends in the Baseball-Bundesliga Süd league in Germany.


Improved App Onboarding

We’ve completely revamped the look and feel of our app onboarding.  If you’re a new user launching the GameChanger app for the first time you’ll see a brand new welcome screen, and a short slideshow of what GameChanger can do for scorekeepers, coaches, family & fans.

When you’re ready, tap “Get Started” or “Sign In.”


Role Splitting

When you’re ready, tap “Get Started” and select your role. GameChanger users can be “Fans” or “Admins” or both.

Parent, Player, or Fan?

Tap “Find Your Team.” From here, you can search for your team by Team Name, Location, or Coach’s Name.


Coach, scorekeeper, or team manager?

Tap “Create Your Team.” From here, you can enter your team info, and setup for your team for the season.


New to scorekeeping?

Or new to scorekeeping on GameChanger? Tap “Try Scorekeeping.” From here, you can test drive our simple, yet powerful scorekeeping tools.

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Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

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