Quicker Access to Spray Charts, Scoring In-the-Park Homers, and a Revamped Schedule Tab

Fall ball is finally here, and we’ve included several improvements in Version 6.15 of the app just in time for the season! Let us know what you think.

Quicker Access to In-Game Spray Charts

In-game spray charts are one of the most used features in the app. Prior to Version 6.15, coaches and scorekeepers needed 3 or more taps to access spray charts in the app. We wanted to cut that down.

Now, you can simply tap the “Spray Chart” icon from the bottom right corner of the scoring screen, and we’ll take you directly to the batter’s “Play History.” From there, you can not only see what each player did on their previous at-bat, but also what they did once they got on base.

In-game spray charts are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope to include more in-game insights in future releases.

spray charts

Inside-the-Park Home Run Support

Inside the Park Home Run

We’ve finally added the ability to score an Inside-the-Park homer. These are a bit more common for the younger age groups, but we see them quite a bit in our company softball games too! We’ve received a lot of questions not just around how to score an inside the park home run, but also how an inside the park should be scored.

“We had an “in the park” home run at our game yesterday and I am trying out how to score it. I could not find where it is possible to score a home run as “in the park” as when I select home run it asks where it went over the fence.” – Skip

“I had a player hit an inside the park HR but I gave him a triple with an error on the throw. Is that correct?” – Joey

Unfortunately, because Inside the Park HR wasn’t an option on the scoring menu, we noticed a lot of scorekeepers incorrectly scoring a triple, dragging the runner to home on an error, and manually editing the box score after the game to make sure the stats were accurate.

Skip correctly scored it as a home run, but he was understandably confused when we only offered an “over the fence” option.

We fixed it. From now on, no matter what “Hit Type” you select (Ground Ball, Hard Ground Ball, Fly Ball, etc), the “In-The-Park Home Run” option will appear.

Baseball Scorekeeping

A Revamped Schedule Tab


Team Admins can schedule games and practices online or through the app. They can include the start time, the arrival time, the location, opponent, and any additional notes. All of this information is now displayed in the app, making it easier for Team Admins to keep their team on the same page.

We’ve also made the schedule tab smarter. When you tap on the schedule tab on the app, we now surface upcoming games and active games. This helps user for two reasons.

  1. Scorekeepers can now quickly find an upcoming games on the schedule and start scoring in seconds. Previously, scorekeepers had to scroll down to find the upcoming game. For teams that play 20-60 games per year, this could take quite a while.
  2. The same is true for parents and fans. Whether your checking the location of the next practice or trying to follow the big game, we now display upcoming and live games at the top of the schedule tab.

Scheduling Games

Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

Questions? Feedback? Let us know in the comment section or email us at help@gc.com.

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