Quicker Access to Spray Charts, Scoring In-the-Park Homers, and a Revamped Schedule Tab

Fall ball is finally here, and we’ve included several improvements in Version 6.15 of the app just in time for the season! Let us know what you think.

Quicker Access to In-Game Spray Charts

In-game spray charts are one of the most used features in the app. Prior to Version 6.15, coaches and scorekeepers needed 3 or more taps to access spray charts in the app. We wanted to cut that down.

Now, you can simply tap the “Spray Chart” icon from the bottom right corner of the scoring screen, and we’ll take you directly to the batter’s “Play History.” From there, you can not only see what each player did on their previous at-bat, but also what they did once they got on base.

In-game spray charts are just the tip of the iceberg. We hope to include more in-game insights in future releases.

spray charts

Inside-the-Park Home Run Support

Inside the Park Home Run

We’ve finally added the ability to score an Inside-the-Park homer. These are a bit more common for the younger age groups, but we see them quite a bit in our company softball games too! We’ve received a lot of questions not just around how to score an inside the park home run, but also how an inside the park should be scored.

“We had an “in the park” home run at our game yesterday and I am trying out how to score it. I could not find where it is possible to score a home run as “in the park” as when I select home run it asks where it went over the fence.” – Skip

“I had a player hit an inside the park HR but I gave him a triple with an error on the throw. Is that correct?” – Joey

Unfortunately, because Inside the Park HR wasn’t an option on the scoring menu, we noticed a lot of scorekeepers incorrectly scoring a triple, dragging the runner to home on an error, and manually editing the box score after the game to make sure the stats were accurate.

Skip correctly scored it as a home run, but he was understandably confused when we only offered an “over the fence” option.

We fixed it. From now on, no matter what “Hit Type” you select (Ground Ball, Hard Ground Ball, Fly Ball, etc), the “In-The-Park Home Run” option will appear.

Baseball Scorekeeping

A Revamped Schedule Tab


Team Admins can schedule games and practices online or through the app. They can include the start time, the arrival time, the location, opponent, and any additional notes. All of this information is now displayed in the app, making it easier for Team Admins to keep their team on the same page.

We’ve also made the schedule tab smarter. When you tap on the schedule tab on the app, we now surface upcoming games and active games. This helps user for two reasons.

  1. Scorekeepers can now quickly find an upcoming games on the schedule and start scoring in seconds. Previously, scorekeepers had to scroll down to find the upcoming game. For teams that play 20-60 games per year, this could take quite a while.
  2. The same is true for parents and fans. Whether your checking the location of the next practice or trying to follow the big game, we now display upcoming and live games at the top of the schedule tab.

Scheduling Games

Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!

Questions? Feedback? Let us know in the comment section or email us at help@gc.com.

  • Carnage

    Great job with the spray chart addition. Only request for a future version is a quick toggle to bring up season charts in-game as well.

    • Thanks for the support and feedback! We hope to add season spray charts into the app in an upcoming release. Stay tuned!

  • Mike Nicholus

    These are GREAT updates – particularly the opponent spray charts. Two questions on those…
    1 – if I’m looking at batter 2’s spray chart, can I skip to see what batter 3 did while 2 is still batting? This is useful, because the question usually comes up while I’m finishing scoring batter 2’s at bat and 3 is walking up to the plate.
    2 – will the spray charts include performance from earlier games vs that opponent, or only the performance from the current game? (ah – I see below that it’s current game only)

    • Hi – Again, this is great input.
      We hope to tackle this soon. The first step was to make it easier to get you to the spray charts. Next is adding more insights. This include upcoming batter info, but also cumulative season spray charts for you and your opponents.

  • Mike Nicholus

    On the scheduling – is there an option for a third kind of event (besides a game and a practice)? For example, we might have a tournament next saturday that runs three days – I don’t know the games yet but I would like the parents to see the 2 day tournament as “all day” events on their calendars (as opposed to “that’s a FREE weekend!”) 🙂

    • HI Mike – Great suggestions. I’ll pass this along to our team!

      • Joel Kearns

        Any chance gamechanger ccan record the distance a ball is hit?

        • GC Support

          Hey Joel! Right now we don’t have that as a feature but we will definitely pass on your suggestion.

  • Todd Lewis

    These are great additions. Would definitely like to see season spray charts as well. We typically play the same team multiple times in a season. I usually have to bring up the website on my phone while someone else is scoring on the iPad to do this.

    • HI Todd – Thanks for feedback. Season spray charts are on the short list! Stay tuned…

      • Max Price

        I would like to highly recommend this on the next GC update. As a high school coach, we play the same teams multiple times throughout a season, and being able to quickly pull up their history (even if it means doing a quick download for that particular opponent over WiFi prior to the game) would be a great improvement.

        Separate from this, I would also recommend being able to look up a spray chart for an opposing player, and have that spray chart show their entire career against my team. For example, I might see #32 Jeff Jeffy from West Salem High School multiple times each year (let’s say 3 games during spring and 2 games during summer) over the course of as many as four years. So being able to pull up four years’ worth of Jeffy’s spray charts would be an awesome feature.

        • Whitney Wilkinson

          As a high school coach as well, I cnat wait to be able to have a player’s “seasons history” available. Currently I have to go back to each game and pull up all of the data and paste it on to a sheet….very tedious

          • We here ya! We’re working on it. It won’t be ready this summer, but we hope to have progress towards this feature before the spring. Thanks for the feedback!

        • This is great feedback!

          We hope to work on this heading into next spring season.

          Thanks for taking the time give us this feedback.

        • Coach Michael

          Max, I totally agree – we’d love this feature for our travel programs where we end up playing the same team multiple times in each season.

      • Clint Carter

        Great additions especially the easier access to the spray chart. I’d like to also vote for the season spay chart. In travel softball, we’ve discussed that feature quite a bit. One addition feature request that we’d like to see is a “count down” clock. Today we have a timer, but it counts up. In travel softball, we play 60mins, 70mins, etc. Sometimes these games are drop dead’s. It would be great to be able to set a timer to count down from the game clock. Just so the softball moms and dads keeping the GC don’t have to do the math 🙂 to determine how much time is left in the game. Thanks again for the continued advancements in the product.

        • Thanks for the feedback Clint! I’ll pass along your request for a countdown clock to our team.

        • JackinVienna

          Good call Clint Carter….I’ve thought the same. Needs a game timer

          • Sean

            Hi Jackin Vienna – Thanks for the feedback!

            You can turn on the game clock from the settings menu in the app. Currently, as Clint indicated, the timer counts up as opposed to counting down.

            We’ve hope to include the option for the timer to count down to our list of future improvements.

      • Todd Lewis

        I was hoping this feature would have been added by now. Our season starts this weekend. Not having spray charts is a huge negative to using the Android version.

        • We’re working on it. The iOS app has about a 7 year head start on the Android app, so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do. In the meantime, we suggest temporarily borrowing an iOS device from a coach or parent until spray charts is added to android. Another option is printing out your team’s and your opponent spray charts prior to heading to the field.

          We know this isn’t ideal, but we hope to have good news for you soon.

          Thanks for your patience.

  • William Thomashefsky

    The spray chart button is a great addition. Two requests for iPhone: 1) move the Pitch window down a few pixels so i can see where the current batter is in the order. 2) it would be nice to be able to see what bases are occupied while the Pitch window is up. Sometimes I turn to talk to a kid or coach for a second and there is a passed ball or a steal. The runners move, but I missed it. Having that indicator on-screen would help me realize I missed the runners moving.

    • Thanks for the feedback, William. We’ll pass this along to our design team!

  • Suzie

    Would like the ability to keep batting stats for a switch hitter.

    • Hi Suzie – This is on our roadmap, and we hope to able to handle this down the road. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Rick Smith

    Thanks for these updates! I have a couple of other suggestions:

    1. Many of us play teams multiple times during the year, and it would be very helpful to be able to access the spray charts for an opposing player’s activity during the LAST game! Very helpful for the first time at bat.

    2. On a Fielder’s Choice, there is no way that I know of to record an error if the targeted runner is safe due to that error.


    • Rick Smith

      Just saw that #1 was addressed below.

  • Rick Smith

    Just thought of one more thing…we have the ability to record whether someone is a left or right-handed batter and pitcher, but there are no stats available based on that…now that my son is getting a bit older (15U next year), I think this will become more important.

    • GC Support

      Hey Rick! I will pass on your request for this to our engineers for possible future implementation! Have a great aday!

  • Keith

    Great updates, keep them coming! 🙂

    As a coach of youth leagues, we usually have some special rules, such as 4 run limit per inning, and also 3 steals per inning. It would be great to be able to put some of this right on the main screen, so that we can see how many steals so far this inning or how many runs this inning. Possibly even adding an alert to say “steal limit hit”. Thanks!

    • HI Keith – Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll add them to our list of future improvements.

  • Rage Fastpitch

    These updates are going to be helpful especially seeing the opponents spray charts and looking forward to being able to see their season charts in the future!

    Another recommendation would be having a quick button to advance each runner on passed ball/wild pitch/error etc…rather than dragging each runner – when multiple things happen it often a bit time consuming to move forward, click the comment enter who made the error and then again for next base runner all over and again – by this time the next pitch has already happened….

    Also could you please consider the ability to change the clock to not only have the ability to show how long we have played but instead have it count down the time – for example at nationals this year we had 1 hour games or 1 hour 10 minute time limit games due to bad weather – it would be great to count down on the clocks as well.

    Love this app for our travel softball team!!!

    • GC Support

      Hey there! Thanks for your thoughts on auto advancing runners and also the clock thoughts! I will pass on these thoughts!

  • Al

    Great updates! I have a suggestion for an update…unless I’m missing it, there is no option for Runner Interference. This happened twice this summer, once against us and once against the opposing team. Closest I could come up with was scoring it as a Fielder’s Choice.

    • Paul Howard

      There is an option for “Offensive Interference”

      Drag the runner to the “Out” box and under “How did the runner get out” select “Offensive Interference”

      • Al

        OK, I see that…not very intuitive though. Still have to call it a fielder’s choice, call the runner safe and then drag the runner after to call them out and score Offensive Interference.

  • Al

    One more suggestion…I don’t see anyway to go in and change the scoring on a play.
    Example: Hard hit ground ball down the 3rd base line, 3rd baseman misses the ball and you score it an error.
    After the game (or even after a few plays later), you decide it should be scored as a base hit. The only way I see to change that error to a hit is to undo everything that happened back to that play, change it to a hit and then re-score all the plays after. Very difficult to do if its not at the very end of the game.

    • Rob Gladstone

      I agree. When players keep score they don’t understand the rules and make many mistakes regarding errors on sac bunts or other plays where the hitter would’ve been safe even on a clean throw but because the throw or scoop was botched the hitter is penalized with an error. When this is pointed out to coach after the game he says he can’t change it.

  • Bryan Weddleton

    GREAT ADDITIONS!! I would also love to see past game history of a player.

    A few suggestions from me…
    1. “Infield Single” option. This would eliminate questions from fans/parents of where it was hit and why it was not a error.
    2. location of “over the fence home runs” right now we can only tap LF, CF or RF. Arrows should be added for LC and RC.
    3. Now this is a reach….. syncing GC to scoreboards!

    You guys do a great job, keep up the good work!!!

    • GC Support

      Hey Bryan! Great suggestions and we appreciate your feedback! I will definitely pass on your thoughts!

  • Glenn Levin

    Adult softball usually has a rule that starts a batter with a 1-1 count (this speeds up the game). Can you please add an option in the league settings to set a beginning count for all batters?

    • GC Support

      Glenn, I can definitely pass on your thoughts to our engineers for possible future implementation! Have a great day!

  • Walter Sanchez

    Thank you for making such a great a product. You have made our lives as coaches and scorekeepers that much easier.

    • GC Support

      Hey Walter! Thanks for your positive feedback!

  • Nico

    I may just be overlooking it but if I’m not, I think that it would be nice when your team is in the batting and the coach asks u ”who is up for the opposing team next inning or vice versa”? If there could be a little star or dot by the name of the person that is leading off the next inning for the team in the field.

    • GC Support

      Hey Nico! You aren’t overlooking anything as we don’t yet have that available. We hope to add this in the future but there is no ETA on when that would be!

  • Jeff Lear

    I would be nice if the game clock could show the official game start time, elapsed time, and time remaining. Game time duration limit could be set when scheduling the game and there could be a default duration configured in the team settings. Also, I often forget to start the clock, so it would be nice to automatically start the clock with the first pitch and alert me. Then between innings allow me to make the adjustment based on official start, elapsed, or time remaining depending on how the umpire is tracking the time.
    All that would be great, but may be asking a lot. At a minimum warn me that the game clock is not running if I’ve already started scoring.

    • GC Support

      Hey Jeff! Thanks for your thoughts on the game clock! I will pass on your thoughts!

  • dccats5

    Great addition with the in-game spray chart.

    An unrelated suggestion I have is related to fielding stats. Maybe this exists, but I can’t find it so if it does, can someone let me know where. I’d like defensive stats to break down by position. I have many kids that play several different positions and I’d like to be able to see how they’re fairing at each position. Could also break the errors in the summary down by fielding/throwing.

    • Hi – Currently, catcher is the only defensive position that we do a specific break down for. But we hope to add more down the road.

  • Robert Pepin

    I would like to be more specific for location on over the fence homerun’s instead of only being able to pick, left center and right

    • GC Support

      Hey Robert! Thanks for your feedback! I will definitely pass this on!

  • Jason Rodd

    I’ve been writing this for a couple years now, but having the ability to set a lineup for every inning would be more than just a little useful. many youth leagues have fielding requirements that have to be changed by the scorekeeper during the games. this has caused many errors
    and late substitutions that effect some of the stats. having the ability to pre-designate positions for every inning takes the complication out of the equation for scorekeeper who do not have the coach’s lineup sheet.

    • Al

      I agree and to expand on this, most youth leagues require a continuous batting order. When you sub out a fielder (even if you are just switching positions with another fielder), it wants to remove them from the batting order and you have to go to the line up to keep them batting. It would be better to have a setting for a continuous batting order and have to go to the line up only if you need to remove them in the case of injury, etc.

    • HI Jason – Scheduled lineup changes is definitely something we want to work on. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Amanda Edsall

    Hi! Any plans on adding a place to mark warnings to specific players? I.e. Balks to pitchers, tossed bat to batters? If there is a place I have overlooked please let me know! Thank you!

  • CF98

    Any talk of adding functionality in relation to Tryout camps? Using Game Changer to plot your evaluation rankings on individual players, putting in times for runs and metrics for hitting, If and OF, catching etc….. having the metrics position your athletes in a cascading fashion?

    I know the idea of Game Changer is to follow game play but an assessment tool for tryouts would be beneficial as every season/team starts with first impressions and cataloguing all the information can be difficult.

    I have used this software for a number of years and I am always impressed by the progressive changes that arrive in new updates. I used other systems in years past but find this to be the best experience to assist coaches and satisfy players and parents with stat driven information. I have recommended Game Changer to many and will continue to do so – well done.

  • Bob Esposito

    I would like 2 improvements.
    1. When creating a new season, allow me to import the roster from the previous season.
    2. When creating a new season, allow me to import my opponents and their rosters from the previous season as well.

    • Hi Bob – Thanks for the feedback. Currently, when creating a new season, you can import your own roster from previous seasons, but not your opponent rosters. Here’s how: http://help.gc.com/customer/portal/articles/355948

      Import opponent’s rosters from previous seasons is on our list of future improvements. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  • Bob Esposito

    As and admin and a scorer, what would help me greatly is and indication in the lineup of the Last Batted outs (3) and the Last Outs (may not be batted, on bases). We almost always use courtesy runners for the Pitcher and Catcher, and it is not always quick and easy to look up the last batted out or last out. Then if the LBO was a P or C we go to then next. Then some tournaments use last Batted out, and Some use Last out. If you were able to indicate in the lineup LB1, LB2, LB3 and LO1, LO2, and LO3 it would be a HUGE time saver

    • Hi Bob – Thanks for the feedback. Good suggestions! We’ll add this to our list of future improvements.

  • bboyesq23

    In some of the younger little league divisions, after a number of walks in an inning, counts will go to 6 balls before a walk is issued. Would you please add an option to accommodate for this so that pitch counts under these circumstances can remain accurate? Thank you.

    • Thank you for writing in!

      The app does not support starting each count 1-1 at this time. We know that a lot of leagues adhere to this starting count rule so I will definitely pass your suggestion on to our engineers to consider for inclusion in a future update. I cannot promise that it will be added, but we will definitely explore the possibility when deciding what features to build next.

      Please let us know if you have any additional feedback or questions.

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  • Melvin Edwards

    This may sound petty, but it’s called an “inside-the-park HR.” Was it just easier to fit on the icon to shorten it? Just curious. Thanks!

  • TJ. Wortman

    Any chance you will look into adding the ability to designate kids that switch hit whether they are hitting right handed or left handed each at bat if they are designated as a switch hitter on the roster? Have asked about this the past two years, to help track hitting stats on both sides and then total overall stats. Would be great if that could be added. Thanks

    • T.J. Wortman

      Any chance this is on the table to be considered for future enhancement to the application?

  • Ron Phillips

    Thanks for the new stuff. We play 3 game series any chances of seeing spray charts for same batter in previous games?

    • Hi Ron,

      Currently, cumulative season Spray Charts (for both your team and your opponents) are only available GameChanger website. We hope to bring them to the app in a future release.

      Until then, the best temporary solution I can offer is to either print them out and bring them to the dugout with you. Or access GC.com from your mobile browser and access the spray charts through the GameChanger website.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Mark

        You mention that you can see cumulative spray charts for opponents? How do you do this? The online help only references your own team.

        • Sean

          Hi Mark – Cumulative spray charts are only available on the website. Go to your GC.com team page. Click on the “Opponents” tab, and select an opposing team’s player in the opposing team’s roster/lineup.

          From here, you can access the cumulative Game Log and Spray Chart for that player, compiled from each game played against your team.

          Note: You will only be able to see the cumulative totals for the games you’ve scored against that opponent.

          The article linked below contains more information on opposing team stats and spray charts and where to locate this content.

          Opponents’ Stats –


          Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding the opposing team’s stats or if you need any additional assistance.

        • GC Support

          Hi Mark,

          Sorry for not making that article more clear–have just updated it.

          You can only see cumulative spray charts for individual opponents on our website at gc.com and not from within the app. To do so, go to your teams page and that specific opponent from your schedule. Then press on a box score and click on any players name from an opposing team. From there, you can press a ‘spray charts’ tab and toggle between any of that opposing teams players.

  • Corey Sippola

    For a travel ball tournament, should I use non-League as game type? Wouldn’t that be a good update to the app to set pool vs bracket games?

    • HI Corey – Thanks for the feedback regarding a feature to help tournament operators better run their tournaments on GameChanger. I’ll pass it along to our team.

      Whether you schedule the games as a non-league game or league game is up to you. I primarily only has implications for when you’re reviewing your season stats.

      When viewing your team’s Season Stats, you can sort games by Game Type and by Date Range.

      Each time you schedule a game you will be able to identify the game type. These labels will allow you to view stats according to game type (instructions outlined below first screenshot):


      More info on how to set / edit your game type and filter your stats can be found here: https://gamechanger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212961906-Stat-Filters-

  • Josh

    Is there an option I am missing to see spray charts on my team pre and post game? It would also be great to review spray charts sorted by my pitcher. Coaching little league, 9u, a pitchers speed varies kid to kid and changes from inning to inning, shifting where the ball is hit for each pitcher/inning.

    • Sean

      Hi Josh – Yes, there is. Here’s how…https://gamechanger.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/214493223-Game-Logs-and-Spray-Charts

      Currently single game spray charts are available on the iOS app, and they’re coming soon to the Android app.

      Once the game is finalized (whether on iOS or Android), your stats and spray charts will sync to your GC.com team page. To view cumulative season spray chart for your team, click on the “Season Stats” tab, click on a player name, and click the “Spray Charts” tab.

      If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us directly at help@gc.com

  • Stephanie Schmolze

    We’re approaching post season All Stars. The All Star teams are made up of kids from other teams that we played against during regular season. Wondering if when I’m scoring a game, if I can see a comprehensive spray chart for all players if I had scored them during regular season? Please let me know. Thanks, Stephanie

    • HI Stephanie,

      Yes. You can view the cumulative spray charts for opposing players, which will include stats from each game you scored against that opponent.

      1. Sign into GC.com
      2. Click on the opposing players name in the box score. This will bring you to the players’ profile page.
      3. From here, you will find the players’ game log and spray charts, compiled from each game played against your team.
      4. Click the Spray Charts tab to access the players spray charts.

      Currently, you can only review stats for previously played opponents on the website. Cumulative spray charts aren’t yet available in the app.

      If you have any additional questions, feel free to email us at help@gc.com

      • Charles Broussard

        One thing that seams like could be a simple addition to the wonderful new spray chart feature that I desperately need is pitch type. I want to know what type opposing hitters made outs on and in what count. If we can record pitch types for our pitchers it would be nice to be able to use that information in game as opposed to just monitoring what pitches they are throwing and their accuracy. It is much more useful to know hitter results against these pitch types. Thanks for the updates, but please act now! LOL Please

        • Stephen Simonis

          Hi Charles,

          Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely pass your suggestion on to our engineers to consider for inclusion in a future update! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.


  • Charles Broussard

    One thing that seams like could be a simple addition to the wonderful new spray chart feature that I desperately need is pitch type. I want to know what type opposing hitters made outs on and in what count. If we can record pitch types for our pitchers it would be nice to be able to use that information in game as opposed to just monitoring what pitches they are throwing and their accuracy. It is much more useful to know hitter results against these pitch types. Thanks for the updates, but please act now! LOL

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