GameChanger Hits 8.6 Million Games Scored

We are proud to announce that since launching in 2009, more than 8.6 million baseball and softball games have been scored on the GameChanger App, and we have YOU to thank!

To give some context, there are a combined 2,430 baseball games played in the MLB regular season. It would take 3,579 complete major league baseball seasons to hit that. Meanwhile, it took us only seven years to reach that number!

Want to know how we stack up to the MLB? check out the infographic below:



An integral part of the GameChanger app is the ability to track pitches to prevent overuse of pitchers and for pitch count management. In the process of scoring those 8.6 million plus games, over 1.6 billion pitches have been recorded.  


Thanks for your help in achieving this milestone! If you have any questions, comment below or reach out to

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