Season Stats Now Available in the App for Fans

What’s new? Season Stats!

We’re excited to announce we’ve brought another feature our fans love to the GameChanger app Now it’s easier than ever to access all team and player information from within the app.

Prior to this app update, if fans wanted to view Season Stats they had to do so from, either on their desktop or mobile browser.

Now fans can access Season Stats directly from the app by simply tapping on the stats icon.


What’s Important about Season Stats?

At GameChanger, we aggregate your team’s stats in real time. Fans can track team progress, check out trends and get the full picture as the season goes on. 

Learn more about Fan Features.

Make sure you have access!

Team Admins can access their team’s Season Stats for free. Admins also control who in the team community can view their team’s stats.

Season Stats are a Premium feature. Fans need to upgrade to GameChanger Premium ($7.99/month) to access their team’s Season Stats. Learn more about our fan pricing.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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