New in Version 8.0: Team Messaging and Push Notifications

Version 8.0 of the GameChanger Baseball & Softball app includes a new, highly requested tool to help teams operate more efficiently off-the-field, too. We call it Team Messaging.

Coaches, Team Managers, Parents, & Players can now send and receive messages directly from the GameChanger app. For free. Game cancelled? Practice moved indoors? Need help organizing rides home after practice? Team Messaging makes it easier for the entire team to stay on the same page. 

Or you can just use Team Messaging to share photos and videos from the game!

Here are few additional Team Messaging feature designed to help your team.

Custom Group Messaging


Not all messages need to be sent to the whole Team Community. Sometimes you may need to message all the players, other times you may only want to message the pitchers. Or create a custom Group Message for your carpool group, rather than the entire team.

We’ve made Team Messaging as flexible as possible to accommodate the wide variety of communication needs between coaches, parents, and players.

Message Read Receipts


There has been a schedule change. The team bus is now departing at 3:30pm instead of 3:45, so you send a Group Message to your players. It’s now 3:25 and you haven’t heard from several players. Read Receipts allow you see who has viewed the message and who hasn’t, so you’ll know if you need to move to a Plan B before it’s too late.

Send pictures & video


Not all communication needs to be around logistics. Perhaps the most requested feature is the ability to share photos and video on GameChanger. Team Messaging makes it easy for parents and fans to share photos and videos from the game with the rest of the team.

Push Notifications Now Live


Team Messaging and Game Alerts are a great way to keep your team community members up to date. Previously, fans were only able to receive alerts via email or SMS. Following a double-header, this either resulted in a cluttered email inbox or a never-ending stream of SMS messages.

We wanted to give you a better option heading into the 2017 season.

Push notifications give your team community members a more customizable and user friendly way to receive Team Messages and Game Alerts.

With Push Notifications, you can:

  • Customize your notifications with different alert styles to make sure you never miss a thing. `
  • Receive alerts on non 3G enabled devices, like an iPad or an iPod Touch.
  • Click directly from a team alert to the corresponding play, team announcement, or schedule update in the app

How to turn on Push Notifications


If you’ve opened the app recently, this prompt may look familiar. If not, it will appear the next time you open the app. Be sure to tap “Turn On” to be able receive push notification from the GameChanger app.

For detailed instructions on how to change your device’s push notification styles and settings, click here.



Some alerts are more urgent than others. Because of this, we made it easy for you to customize your delivery settings by Alert Type. Here’s how:

  1. Tap “Your Account” from the left sidebar
  2. Tap “Alert Delivery”
  3. Select each Alert Type to choose between Email or Push as your preferred delivery method.

If you prefer SMS to Push, you can always turn SMS alerts back on from your Alert Delivery settings in the GameChanger website.  Click here to learn how.

Currently Team Messaging and Push Notifications are only available on the iOS app. But Team Messaging and Scorekeeping will be coming to Android this spring. To sign up for early access to the GameChanger Android app, click here.

If you have any questions or feedback, let us know! Either comment below or email us at

-The GameChanger Team


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