Updated: The GameStream Experience

We’ve been working hard this offseason to bring fans even closer to the action through the GameChanger app

First up? An update to the GameStream.

What’s the GameStream?

The GameStream is the number one place for all the game action; while it’s live and once it’s over. Whether you’re a grandparent too far away to see the game in person, a parent in the stands who missed play, or a player interested in reading the postgame recap story, the GameStream has something for everyone.

What’s been updated?

The field view
We’ve enhanced the field animations to make the live experience even more complete (pictured above). We’re committed to continuing to improve this fan-favorite feature. Keep watching for more to come!

The play-by-play


The play-by-play is the most detailed account of every play of the game. It’s impossible to catch every moment, so we capture it for you! You’ll notice a clearer and more concise experience this season.

The box score
Whether your a casual fan or a statistician at heart, the box score paints the full picture through in-depth stats.

Easiest way to access the GameStream?

We now have push notifications! A real-time alert will take you directly into the live game so you don’t miss a moment.

Make sure you have access!
The field view of the GameStream is free for all users. Fans need to upgrade to Plus ($2.99/month) or Premium ($7.99/month) for access to the play-by-play, box score and recap story.
Learn more about our fan pricing.

We’re excited to roll out updates and new features in the coming months — stay tuned!
Learn more about fan features.

Questions? Comment below or reach out to help@gc.com — we love to hear from you!

  • Mike

    Can you (anyone) recommend a live video feed/service that we could use, perhaps in conjunction with GC, to stream the games? E.g., hang a video camera on the backstop, stream, watch??

  • sn

    so do any of the new animated live stream options (ball movement, pitch labels) work at gc.com? Grandparents LOVE to watch but only have a laptop and this is easiest way for them to access

    • David Kennedy

      Hi SN, thanks for writing in. For the foreseeable future, this animation will only be available on the app. Hopefully we can bring the animated live stream options to all platforms, but I cannot give you an ETA for this feature. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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