February’s Updates to GameChanger Android

We’re continuing to make progress on the GameChanger Android app.  The latest Android release includes Practice Scorekeeping Mode, International Tie-Breaker, Recap Stories, and Team Messaging.

Practice Scorekeeping

New to scorekeeping? You can now practice scorekeeping in the Android app.

Practice scorekeeping mode allows you to get comfortable with the scorekeeping interface without having to go through the whole setup. The teams will already have complete rosters, so you are free to explore the scoring experience as you’d like.

Simply to tap the menu in the top right corner to give scorekeeping a try.

Scoring the International Tie Break Rule

international tie breakThis was a popular request from our community of Android scorekeepers, and we’re happy to report that we now support the International Tie-Break Rule, also known as the California Tie Breaker.

The Rule States (Courtesy of Allexperts.com):

“Official championship softball games are 7 innings. If the game is tied after 7 innings, the game will continue using the “International Tie-Breaker Rule”. Under this rule, each team starts the inning with the player who completed the last official at bat, as a base runner on second base. Each subsequent inning will start the same way until a winner has been determined.”

To properly score this scenario, the scorekeeper need to be able to place a runner on 2nd base to start the inning.

How to place a runner on second base:

  1. Simply tap second base on your screen.
  2. A drop down menu should appear, asking “Place runner on 2nd?”.
  3. If the answer is yes, tap the “Place” button.
  4. Select the player “who completed the last official at bat”

Recap Stories Now Available in the Android App

recap stories

Prior to this app update, if you wanted to view the recap story after the game, you had to leave the app and log into GC.com on your mobile browser.

You can now access Recap Stories directly from the app. Simply tap on the recap headline from the Team News tab.

Team Messaging for Android

team messaging

Coaches, Team Managers, Parents, & Players can now send and receive messages directly from the GameChanger app. For free.

Game cancelled? Practice moved indoors? Need help organizing rides home after practice? Team Messaging makes it easier for the entire team to stay on the same page.

Or you can just use Team Messaging to share photos and videos from the game!

Stay tuned! Plenty more updates coming soon. In the meantime, download the GameChanger app for iOS or Android, today.

Happy Scoring,

-The GameChanger Team

  • Mike

    Spray Charts for Android is the next addition requested. I have been using the Android app and so far so good. Just need to catch up with the IOS version. I am always getting yelled at for where the opponent player hit last. Please add this feature so I can be cool again.

    • HI Mike – We hope to have good news for you very, very soon. Stay tuned!

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • Hi Mike – Spray Charts are included in the latest android release (Version 6.9). When scoring a game, you will now see a “Spray Chart” icon appear next to home plate. Tap that button to see what the batter did in his previous at bats.

      We have some improvements to this feature on the roadmap, so stay tuned for future improvements.

      Thanks for your patience. If you have any additional feedback, email us at help@gc.com

      Best of luck this season!

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