Version 6.9: In-Game Spray Charts for Android

Here’s What’s New

One of the most requested features by coaches is finally here. The newest version of the Android app, Version 6.9, introduces in-game spray charts in app.

Know what each batter did in their previous at-bat, so you can have an informed defensive strategy when they step to the plate. Coaches can use this feature to alter or reaffirm their strategy in-game, increasing their chances of winning.

Here’s How to Access Them

Easily access them by tapping the “Spray Chart” icon on the bottom right corner of the scoring screen, and we’ll show you that batters previous at-bats for the current game.

spray charts

At this time, only spray charts for a particular game are available on Android. We hope to get cumulative spray charts in the app down the road, but for now you can still access them on by doing the following:

1. Visit your team home page
2. Click on ‘Stats’ or ‘Roster’ tabs
3. Click on a player name
4. Click on the ‘Spray Charts’ tab

That’s all for now, but there are more updates coming soon.

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Have a great season!
-The GameChanger Team

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