Version 8.9: Player Stats now in the iOS app for fans!

Here’s What’s New

Version 8.9 introduces Player Stats in the iOS app! Fans with premium subscriptions have always been able to access player stats via, but now there is no need to switch back and forth between the app and the website.

Here’s Why they Matter

This popular feature allows fans to stay connected to their favorite players all season long.

Here’s Where to find Them

Player stats are available for Premium subscribers. To view a certain player’s stats, all a fan has to do is tap on the roster icon, and then select their player of choice.

spray charts

Please note, admins still have control over privacy settings for their teams. Therefore, in some cases, an admin might not allow any fans access to individual or season stats and in other cases, a Premium fan might have to request membership from the admin before being granted access to stats. Find more information on how to request membership here.

How to get a premium subscription

Premium subscriptions can be purchased in a variety of different ways:

1. Directly through the player stats paywall.
2. Through the “Your Account” section of the app. Access by tapping the hamburger icon the top left and then scrolling down to the bottom of the screen. Once in “Your Account” simply tap on Fan Subscriptions
3. Via the website at

Have a question about a specific feature? Email us at

Have a great season!
-The GameChanger Team


    Does having premium access override the admin blocking individual stats?

    • David Kennedy

      Steve–No. If a coach has the teams stats privatized, only those who have been approved access will be able to view those stats. Premium followers will still be able to see the live game streams, game recaps, and box scores.

      • Bob

        Then you should revise your advertising for the “players Stats now available in iOS app, all you have to do is be a Premium Member” because it false & misleading. No where does it say you still have to request membership from the admin to view stats. You even go as far as saying all I have to do is go to the roster and pick a player to view their stats.
        Very unethical…but I’m not surprised.

        • David Kennedy

          Bob–thanks for the feedback. You were right and we have changed the wording of the post.

          Since coaches are the ones inputting the data, we decided to give them the ability to privatize those stats. The vast majority of users who request access are approved, but ultimately, it is up to the teams admin on whether a user is approved or denied access. Users still have access to the live game streams, box scores and recaps without Admin approval.

          If you write into us at we will refund your premium subscription. Thanks again for the feedback.

  • JOhnny

    when I can depend on the app and the PC website working and not freezing mid game I may consider an upgrade.

    • David Kennedy

      Hi Johnny–sorry about that. Can you let me know the name of your team so I can do some research and maybe reach out to the admin to see if they are using the app correctly? Thanks!

  • Kelley

    Would it be possible to have a count down timer (for time limit games) in addition to the game clock? Thanks.

    • David Kennedy

      Hi Kelley, thanks for the feedback. This is actually a pretty frequent request. I will pass along to our engineers. Hopefully we can get it in there soon– I know how much people clamor for the clock to count down. Thanks again!

  • stevencstil

    Does anyone know how/where to find a stat that shows how many at bats your team gets per inning? I want to know how deep we get in our lineup in the first inning, thinking of dropping my slugger down to the 5th spot if we get 5 or 6 deep in the first inning.

    • David Kennedy

      Hi Steven–this is not a stat we currently calculate. I will talk with our engineers and perhaps we can get it included in a future update. In the meantime, I would recommend manually dividing the total plate appearances for your team by the total number of innings your team has been up to bat– which will give you the number you are looking for. Thanks for reaching out.

  • Mike Armstrong

    I would like to add two features. We love the ability to see how many innings a player participates in, but it is only viewable while scoring the game. Please add it to the Season Stats. Number two, when scoring a game and my opponent is in the field, I am unable to click on the My Opponent tab and determine who the next batter is. Am I just missing something?

    • Hi Mike – Thanks for writing in!

      You are correct innings played is only visible while scoring. I’ll pass along your suggestion to our team.

      Regarding seeing who is up next for your opponent while they are in the field. There is admittedly not a quick way to access this information. Currently, the fastest way is to either tap the “Plays” and either read who got the last out from the “Plays” description or tap on the “scorebook” view. from here, you can quickly see who got the last out in the inning and who is due up next for your team and your opponent.

      We’ll look into ways to making this process faster. Thanks for your feedback.

      • Marco Sigala

        In each team’s Lineup view, you already have symbols for who is at bat and who is on base next to each batter’s name. Add another symbol (even a simple dot) as a possible option in this column to represent the leadoff hitter of the next hitting for the team on defense. This will provide a simple indicator if one switches to the defensive team to show who will leadoff the next half inning.

        • Marco Sigala

          To be more specific, you already have code running at the end of each inning that will indicate the leadoff batter with a bat symbol for the offensive team. You can run the code twice. One will remain as it currently runs to identify the offensive team’s leadoff hitter as the active batter. You run the code again but looking at the defensive team to identify who will be the leadoff batter the next time that team is batting. You can even use the same bat symbol for both teams so you do not have to worry about creating another symbol.

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