New on GameChanger: Import Your Opponents’ Rosters!

GameChanger is excited announce that you are now able to import your opponent’s roster on iOS devices if they are on GameChanger or MaxPreps! You will no longer need to manually input your opponent’s roster for every game!

Importing your opponent’s roster is easy. When adding a game to your schedule, simply tap the ‘Choose an Opponent’ option.

You’ll see a list of your previous opponents and the option to ‘Find or Create an Opponent’. Tap the ‘Find or Create Opponent’ option and type in the name of the team you want to add and press ‘Search’.

We will automatically filter teams based on your age, season and sport to show you the most relevant search results. Once you’ve searched for your opponent, you will see a list of teams that fit your search.

Tap on your opponent and you will see an overview of the team you’ve selected including team name, location, age group, season, admins of the team, and the roster. Tap the ‘Add’ button on the top right and your opponent’s roster will be added to this game!

When you go to score this game, you’ll be able to create your opponent’s lineup without having to manually enter the roster!

You can also search for an opponent for a game you’ve already scheduled. From the schedule tab in your GameChanger app, tap on the game you want to add an opponent to and then select ‘Edit Game Details’.


From the game details screen, follow the steps outlines above to search for your opponent and add their roster.

If your search results do not return your opponent they are likely not on GameChanger or MaxPreps. When this occurs, click the ‘Create’ button to create your opponent for this game.

We’re excited to offer this seamless roster import for our iOS users!* Roster imports are not yet available on the web or AndroidTo learn more about importing your opponents’ rosters, please read our help article.

The GameChanger Team

*Imported rosters do not update in real-time. If an opponent changes their roster after you’ve imported it, you will not see the update. You will need to import the updated team roster.

  • Mike Nicholus

    This is staggeringly cool. Just did it, and it worked flawlessly on the app. I saw something different on the web interface last week (was searching for SOMETHING, but obviously not pulling up teams). Now I see that it’s iOS only. This is going to be a HUGE timesaver. I’d say that 80% of the teams we play are on GC. Way to go, gang!

  • James O’Rourke

    When will the android update be available?

    • Stephen Simonis

      Hi James,
      We don’t have a timeline for the release of importing rosters on Android. We will be sure to update you when we know more. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

      • Darin

        Will the Android update for importing rosters be ready by late March? Please say yes!

  • Dagwood

    Bravo! Entering rosters and setting the lineups are, without a DOUBT, the most troublesome part of scoring! Thank you for the new feature…look forward to using it!

  • Jason Parsons

    Can this be done on the PC/Will it be avaiable? I use android, but could set the game up first on my computer…

    • Stephen Simonis

      Hi Jason,
      We don’t have a timeline for when roster importing will be available on the web. We will be sure to update you as soon as we know more. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  • Nick Latshaw

    Will this work with Little League, 12 and under?

    • Stephen Simonis

      Hi Nick,

      Yes, roster importing will work for 12 and under teams; however, as per our privacy policy, for teams under 13 you will only be able to import the players’ first names and the first letter of their last name.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Peter Lyons

    Terrific feature addition importing the lineups! Great time saver!

    A few suggestions – I always purchase a team pass for the teams my son plays on (rec, all stars, travel, etc). All parents love the live game stream feature and view it while driving from work, etc (they say they have it suctioned to dash and not handling phone while driving). I was thinking for premium pass customers, why not have the option of the App speak the plays as they are happening from the game stream so parent’s aren’t distracted by having to look at the stream – even though they aren’t touching the phone. When I asked parent’s if they thought that would be helpful every single one said that would be amazing. Please consider this for a future release. Each pitch could be spoken – ball, ball, strike swinging, strike looking, foul ball, etc. Each ball in play could be spoken with the outcome – Lyons single to right field. Runners advancing, scoring, etc. I would even support a nominal increase to the premium pass for this feature.

    For players that play across more than one team in a season (rec ball with all stars is an example), it would be nice if a player’s comprehensive stats across each team they played on was something that could be aggregated through a player view for the parent(s) that have paid access to get to the data. Unless I’m missing something, right now, I have to go to each team the player is on and take season totals and track outside of GC. Be able to track this season by season, year by year would be extremely helpful.

    Thanks for continuing to evolve an amazing platform!!

    • Stephen Simonis

      Hi Peter,

      I’m glad you like the new feature! Thank you for your new feature suggestions; we build our product based on great suggestions just like these! We will definitely take these suggestions into consideration for a future release.

      Please reach out if you have any other feedback, suggestions or questions!

      Thank for your support!


  • WildSoftball

    I use an iPad version for our HS Softball team. Only one time have I been able to bring in the roster for the opposing team. I can go out and find our opponent but it keeps saying roster not available. Is there something I need to change?

    • Stephen Simonis

      Thanks for the feedback! If our search is returning the team you’re searching for that means we are able to find the team you are playing; however, if you click on the team and it says “no players on the roster”, that likely means that your opponent has not yet entered their roster, therefore, we can not import their roster into your game for you.

      If you’re season is still a couple of weeks away, I suggest checking-in closer to when the season starts as some coaches wait until the season is closer before entering their rosters.

      If you’d like us to investigate further, please feel free to email us at with your team information and the opponent you’re trying to import and we will look further into this for you.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Tim Bellamy

    Didn’t work this weekend!!!!!!!

    I was able to find the opponents through the Find A Team link, but when I went to find them through the scheduler they were not located. Very frustrating to be able to Find the team you want to import and then not be able to find them through the scheduler. You should add the ability to import the team through the Find a Team function as a backup to the current set up.

  • Kathy Foster Gaskins

    I can’t wait to try this! GREAT idea, thank you!

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