New on GameChanger: Import Your Opponents’ Rosters!

GameChanger is excited announce that you are now able to import your opponent’s roster on iOS and Android devices if they are on GameChanger or MaxPreps! You will no longer need to manually input your opponent’s roster for every game!

Importing your opponent’s roster is easy. When adding a game to your schedule, simply tap the ‘Choose an Opponent’ option.

You’ll see a list of your previous opponents and the option to ‘Find or Create an Opponent’. Tap the ‘Find or Create Opponent’ option and type in the name of the team you want to add and press ‘Search’.

We will automatically filter teams based on your age, season and sport to show you the most relevant search results. Once you’ve searched for your opponent, you will see a list of teams that fit your search.

Tap on your opponent and you will see an overview of the team you’ve selected including team name, location, age group, season, admins of the team, and the roster. Tap the ‘Add’ button on the top right and your opponent’s roster will be added to this game!

When you go to score this game, you’ll be able to create your opponent’s lineup without having to manually enter the roster!

You can also search for an opponent for a game you’ve already scheduled. From the schedule tab in your GameChanger app, tap on the game you want to add an opponent to and then select ‘Edit Game Details’.


From the game details screen, follow the steps outlines above to search for your opponent and add their roster.

If your search results do not return your opponent they are likely not on GameChanger or MaxPreps. When this occurs, tap the ‘Create’ button to create your opponent for this game.

We’re excited to offer this seamless roster import for our iOS users!* Roster imports are not yet available on the webTo learn more about importing your opponents’ rosters, please read our help article.

The GameChanger Team

*Imported rosters do not update in real-time. If an opponent changes their roster after you’ve imported it, you will not see the update. You will need to import the updated team roster.


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