Version 6.18: Player Stats Now in the Android App for Fans!

What’s New

Version 6.18 introduces Player Stats in the Android app! Previously, fans with premium subscriptions could only access player stats via the website or the iOS app. Now Android users have everything in one place.

Why they Matter

This popular feature allows fans to stay connected to their favorite players all season long.

Where to find Them

Player stats are available for Premium subscribers. To view a certain player’s stats, all a fan has to do is tap on the roster icon, and then select their player of choice.

spray charts

Please note, admins still have control over privacy settings for their teams. Therefore, in some cases, an admin might not allow any fans access to individual or season stats and in other cases, a Premium fan might have to request membership from the admin before being granted access to stats. Find more information on how to request membership here.

How to get a premium subscription

Premium subscriptions can be purchased in a variety of different ways:

1. Directly through the player stats paywall.
2. Through the “Your Account” section of the app. Access by tapping the more icon on the upper right sidebar, select “Your Account” and tap on “Subscription”
3. Via the website

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Have a great season!
-The GameChanger Team

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