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GameChanger will be phasing out support for our Basketball app. This was an extremely difficult decision, driven by our realization that the current Basketball app isn’t a good enough solution for the needs of the basketball market.

However, we are committed to youth basketball and we plan to be back in the future with apps and services that better serve basketball team communities.

Phase-out  Plan

Downloading the app: As you may have noticed, the Basketball app is no longer available in the iOS App Store.  Existing users can continue to use the app through May 1, 2018. If you have downloaded the Basketball app before and need it on a new device, you should be able to re-download it using these steps (see steps here).
Creating New Teams: If you have the app, you can create new teams through May 1, 2018.  For existing teams, you can create a new season on the website through May 1, 2018 (this functionality isn’t in the app).
Following Games: Family and fans can follow games in the app through May 1, 2018, provided they have already downloaded the app. They can also view the GameStream and stats on  We have granted all basketball teams a free Community Pass which means following all Basketball games and stats this season will be completely free.
De-support: At the end of this Basketball season (on May 1, 2018), the Basketball app will no longer be supported and will cease functioning.

We want to thank all of our loyal Basketball users, partners and supporters for all the help and encouragement over the years. We look forward to bringing you better app experiences in the future.

Please reach out to with any and all questions or feedback.
-Ron Feldman, VP of Product

Image provided by Timothy Fenn

  • David Pallaschke

    Feels like the decision to ignore Android baseball users for several years. Too bad, short sighted.

  • Jen

    Very frustrated with this decision. Your app definitely fits our needs and is very user friendly. Used the program for years and have talked it up to other coaches. I agree with the comment below that this is short sided.

    • Larry D. Jacobs


  • Larry D. Jacobs

    I agree with comments below. Very disappointing and short-sided decision. Even with no changes or updates you have the best basketball scoring and team management app out there…You definitely have the only app and program with shot Charts that report stats in easy to analyze shot zones!!!

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