Game Clock for Android

Android Game Clock is here! Keeping track of the length of your games is important, and you can now monitor the length of your games in GameChanger’s Android and iOS app.

With our Game Clock you can count up from 00:00 or countdown from a preset time. Our Game Clock is configured to run even if you have exited the app or your phone is locked, so you don’t need to worry about keeping your app open the entire game.

To turn on the Game Clock feature:

  1. Enter the scorekeeping screen of a game and tap the menu button on the top right
  2. Tap on settings
  3. Enable the Game Clock by selecting whether you want the clock to count up for down

Android Game Clock Settings

To start the clock, tap on the clock and select “start”; the clock will run continuously – unless paused -, even if you close the app or exit the game.

Android Game Clock 0 View

You can stop or reset the Game Clock at anytime by tapping on the clock and pressing pause. From there you’ll see options to resume or reset the clock.

Good luck this season!

-The GameChanger Team


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