Coaches and Parents: We Heard You

You’ve asked for easier ways to keep the whole team community in the loop. We’ve built a tool to help with that.

Coaches: No more email and text threads. Now you will know exactly who’s going to be at your team’s games and practices.

Parents: As long as you’re a Confirmed Family Member of the team, you can RSVP to games and practices the minute the schedule comes out.

How it works

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Once Admins input the schedule and roster, they need to add contact information for each player. This way the player, or player’s family members can RSVP to games and practices, and we can notify them if there are changes to the schedule.

– Any player on the roster can mark their availability for the event

– Any Confirmed Family Member of a player can also separately mark their own availability for the event

– If a player or family member notifies the Admin outside the app, the Admin can also change the attendance status of anyone in the team community

Please note: availability/attendance info is always completely private. Only Admins, Confirmed Players and Confirmed Family can view availability status for games. If you are a player or family and cannot see an option to mark attendance, talk to your Admin about getting added as a Confirmed Member of the team. You can also go to the Teams tab and select the player you are associated with.

How we notify you

– If players have yet to respond 48 hours before an event, we notify them with a reminder to RSVP

– We notify the Admins 24 hours before an event with status of the Players on their roster

– We also notify Admins immediately if a player that was previously marked as “attending” changes their response to “not attending”

How to turn Attendance Tracker on/off

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Under Team Settings users can turn ON or OFF attendance tracking/RSVPs for both practices and games. While the feature is only available on our apps, the turning on and off capability is available across all of our platforms (apps and website).

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Have a great season!
-The GameChanger Team

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