GameChanger Baseball/Softball and Social Media Integrations

GameChanger will be phasing out support for our integrations that publish game updates to team Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

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As you may have seen in the news recently, social media services are under increased scrutiny to police 3rd-party apps that publish to their services. Consequently, Twitter has drastically reduced the amount of Tweets our app can publish (read more here). This is a limit we have started hitting every Saturday morning when America wakes up and starts playing baseball.

In Facebook’s case, they’ve increased the effort required to apply for and maintain an integration to publish to team fan pages. New signups to our Facebook integration were disabled by Facebook themselves according to their new policies. We have tried to resolve the issues with Facebook but have been unable to find a working solution that complies with their policies. 

As a result, we’ve removed the ability to create new connections between Facebook/Twitter and your GameChanger Baseball and Softball teams effective immediately. 

Some teams that have existing integrations with Twitter or Facebook may still work. These connections will stop working at the end of March. If you have fans who follow on Twitter or Facebook, we recommend you advise them to follow teams directly on GameChanger.

If this change causes any hardship or concern for your team or team communities, please email for further assistance or with any questions. 

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